We service a broad range of market segments and offer tailored solutions for each

Theatre & Dance

We have a passion for Theatre! Growing up, we homed our skills through involvement in Amateur Theatre and we continue to do so. BAAC Light therefore has a long tradition of servicing the Australian Amateur theatre market. Not only do our designers take on the role of lighting designer for the larger and more technically complex productions each year, we now provide lighting and projection systems to every amateur production staged by the larger companies in Melbourne. In the last few years, BAAC Light has had a significant impact on this market segment by incorporating levels of technology never previously available to the amateur market due to budget constraints.

Increasingly, BAAC Light is also being engaged to provide projection systems and media servers to allow amateur productions to incorporate vision into their shows. BAAC UP can not only provide the equipment, but also a Projection Designer and artists to create custom content for each production.

BAAC Light owns a large equipment portfolio that is especially assigned to Amateur Theatre productions – we know what works for the amateur theatre market and what doesn’t. This equipment inventory includes moving lights, LED based fixtures, lighting consoles, projectors, media servers, set lighting, hazers and special effects.

As with all BAAC Light solutions, our Amateur Theatre clients are provided full production services. We design, fully install, program and maintain entire technical solutions. As we own all of the equipment we use on Amateur Productions, we support it 100% and unlike other equipment suppliers, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help overcome any technical challenge.

We are truly unique in how we service the Amateur Theatre market – our productions are the largest, most technically challenging and bring to the stage a scale of production that is exclusive to BAAC Light.

Corporate & TV

When it comes to big budget corporate events, experience is what counts. At BAAC Light, we have collectively been involved in hundreds of corporate events all around Australia in a wide range of capacities.

In addition to providing full Lighting and Projection services, we also offer clients full Technical Direction or Production Management services for events. In this capacity, we co-ordinate all technical departments to ensure that a professional, world class result is seamlessly delivered. Each step of the process is managed from design, budget creation, equipment vendor sourcing, setup crew co-ordination and show calling.

We have our own lighting and projection equipment that we utilise in our designs and have strong alliances with leading equipment rental houses to ensure that we can deliver events of any size in any technical area required.

Additionally, our lighting designers have a significant amount of TV experience with a growing list of credits. This makes BAAC Light a perfect partner to ensure that your event is correctly lit for TV.

School Productions

With the founders of BAAC Light first designing the audio and lighting for their first school productions when they were 14, some 23 years later, they have gotten quite good at it!

School productions have emerged as one of the very few opportunities that parents have to visit the school during the year and get a window on the quality of the institution. As such, the level of professionalism expected from a school production has risen dramatically. No longer do a few old lights hanging in the roof, singing that no-one can hear and an orchestra that is far too loud suffice.

We understand that you have a full teaching load, have been giving up your weekends for months on end and are co-ordinating everything from casting, costumes, music scores, sets, makeup and parents. What BAAC Light offers is to take all the technology off your plate – with one phone call, we will take care of all technical elements of your production. Lighting, audio, projection, everything will be delivered exceeding your expectations and to your budget by an experienced, professional team.

BAAC Light owns a large equipment portfolio that is especially assigned to school productions – we know what works for the school production market and what doesn’t. This equipment inventory includes moving lights, LED based fixtures, lighting consoles, projectors, media servers, set lighting, hazers, special effects, audio consoles, PA’s and radio mikes.

Not only will BAAC Light take care of all of your technology requirements, we can also provide support for other areas of your production. We have a pool of set designers, stage managers, costume co-ordinators, all of whom can be at your disposal.

As we have been doing this for a very long time, the BAAC Light team are also a great resource to leverage for ideas and suggestions. In most cases, we have come across and solved similar challenges to what you may be facing. Sharing our knowledge and experience is also a very important part of our involvement in school production. At every step of the process, we encourage student involvement – they are there for learn after all, and that is how we got started.

We welcome you to get in contact with us to chat about your next school production as we are ready to assist you any way we can.