A broad portfolio of services delivered by award winning creative and technical teams

BAAC Light is an entertainment technology company that specialises in the design, programming and operation of lighting and projection. Our team of industry professionals have a lifetime of experience delivering designs for events all over Australia for TV, theatre, corporate, dance performances, amateur productions and concerts.

Our service is a little different from others – we are not simply an equipment hire company, rather, we are a group of professional lighting and projection designers who incorporate the latest technologies into productions at a reasonable cost. It can be your equipment or that sourced from our preferred suppliers community – the choice is yours!


With a lifetime of experience, BAAC Light can offer lighting design services for any event or production, whether it be theatre, corporate, dance, TV or even a school play. Working within your budget, we can design, install and operate all your lighting requirements. We passionately operate in teams, which means that more than one person is always responsible for your production or event. We attend every production meeting and to minimise venue time, can pre-program a large portion of the lighting before we even arrive at the venue.

  • Full Design Service
  • Visualisation Suite
  • Own Equipment Inventory


With the divide between lighting and projection becoming increasingly blurred, BAAC Light have risen to the challenge. We come equipped with the industry’s leading media servers that allow us to control all aspects of the media being projected directly from the lighting console. At BAAC Light, we have our own fleet of Panasonic projectors that we use for this very purpose, together with a large collection of media footage. We have the ability to utilise multiple projectors to create a seamless large collage image or even project onto individual set pieces with amazing accuracy.

  • Media Server Specialists
  • Panasonic Projector Inventory
  • Ability to Map Video onto Set Pieces
  • Graphic and Video Design Services

Our Equipment

BAAC Light uses a wide collection of equipment that we personally have a huge amount of experience using – and most importantly, that we like and trust. Leveraging some of the world’s leading suppliers, BAAC Light’s equipment portfolio enables for extreme reliability and flexibility to suit any design requirement. Most importantly, we ensure that the right equipment for each production or event is used! Our own equipment inventory includes moving lights, projectors, media servers and lighting consoles – the key tools that we consider fundamental to any of our designs.